Alone Imam of Medina

alone imam of medina

Alone Imam of Medina

Imam Hassan Mojtaba (as) is the noble son of the Commander of
the Faithful Imam Ali (as) and his kind wife Hazrat Fatima Alzahra (as).
In the third year of the Hijrah, on the night of 15 of Ramadan, he was born.
He brought happiness to the House of Revelation.

Allah Almighty called him Hassan:

Our pious mullahs Imam Ali(as) did not surpass the Prophet in
selection a name  for his son and waited for the prophets to choose a name.
After the Prophet went to see the baby, the Prophet, Imam Hassan was wrapped
in a white cloth, and after the Prophet asked Imam Ali(as) a question about his naming,
Gabriel descended from heaven and congratulated the Holy Prophet and said that Allah Almighty,
has commanded you to name him the name of the son of Aaron. Then he said: Name him “Hasan”.

Imam Hassan’s loneliness:

When we say: “he was alone”. It doesn’t mean that because he has no shrine or
he has not so many pilgrims because people did not know about his scientific and social status.
He was alone among his followers and his army during hard situation.
If we want to discuss about loneliness of Imam Hassan (as) among his companions,
we must divide his companions into several categories:

1.Stupid companions:

These were the people who were not familiar with the position and status
of the Imamate, and their character caused them to insult and annoy the Imam.
When Imam Hassan (as) moved to Sabat to fight Mu’awiyah, when he got Sabat,
he stayed near Sabat Bridge and called all his companions and said:
Praise is for Allah and peace be upon the Prophet and his family.
Know that whatever I think and do for you is for your own benefit.
So if there is a conflict between my thought and your thought, leave your thought and
follow me because I want nothing but benevolence for you. So don’t oppose me in any way.
When he finished his speech they said to the Imam: Is this your goal?
Do you have a peace plan with Mu’awiyah? We swear to Allah that you became an infidel!
Then they rushed to the front tent !! They pulled the rug from under his feet !!
And a person, in the name of Jarah Ibn Sinanattack Imam and injured him and said he is infidle as his father.
Such stupid companions had Imam Hassan(as).

2.Bribable followers:

Imam Hassan appointed a member of the Bani Murad tribe as the commander of the army, and a few days later it was reported that the commander had sold for 30,000 dirhams and came to enemies.
“Hakam Kennedy” became the next commander . Imam took very strong and firm oaths from him not to betray and he also swore, but he also sold his Imam for 5,000 dirhams.
Obaidullah ibn Abbas became the commander of the army. Less than a week later, it was reported that he sold himself for one million thousand dirhams and dinars.

3.Traitorous followers:

Another part of Imam’s companions were those who refused to flee and leave Imam Hassan’s army but they did not believe in war with Mu’awiyah. They preferred Mu’awiyah’s love to Hassan bin Ali’s love and wrote many letters to Mu’awiyah saying, “Don’t worry, we will capture Hassan bin Ali and give him  to you.”
Imam Hassan’s loneliness is such that the protection team has also were among traitor. The situation has become so insecure that the Imam was wearing a battle uniform in the city and in the mosque.
The most painful sadness of the Imam is that people did not know  thay what service the Imam did to the Shiites with his peace, which Imam Hassan Mojtaba himself said: What I did for the Shiites is higher than what the sun does in the world. By his peace all Shias were alive until now.
Imam Hassan’s most heartbreaking pain is that his blessed body was shot at his funeral.
Friends‼️ ️ We understood the loneliness of Imam Hassan.

Now we must pay attention to the loneliness of Yusuf Zahra Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Now, Our Sahib al-Zaman has been waiting for 313 friends for several centuries.
They have been waiting for several years.
It means that we are the cause of the absence of Imam Zaman.
اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج و العافیه و النصر

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