Deep understanding in religion-Lesson 1

deep understanding in religion

In the name of god

Assalamo alaikom,We were talking about series of deep understanding in religion together.
I think this subject is very valuable and can correct many misunderstandings and eliminate many doubts.

both discussion of deep understanding in religion and God’s servitude are important.
With the help of Imam Zaman, we begin this discussion but ,before it, I like talking about the value of time and our life.

One of the greatest blessings that God Almighty has given us , without truly deserving ,
is our lives and moments of our lives.

Life is one of the greatest properties that every human being has. Why? Because we know that our life is passing moment by moment, and we can’t turn it back.

And that makes us ask ourselves do we pay enough attention to the time and the life we are consuming?
To know this matter better , we need to know the characteristics of life.

Our lives have four characteristics that if we know them We better understand the status of life.

One of the characteristics of life is that it disappears moment by moment, then gradually disappears.therefore we ignore it.

Something that gradually disappears We usually don’t pay attention to it, so our life goes on second by second and it ends, so this is the first feature.

While it is gradual and slowly passing, but interestingly, it passes very fast, please look at your life.
how did it pass?
for example, assuming that a person who has lived for fifty years,has a look behind him to see how these years have gone?

Every body says it passed so fast and I don’t understand how did it past?this feature of life that is gradually and come along with our ignorance is being very fast and one day It will  be ended.

Life is passing fast and I want to explain it by a tradition in the book of Al-kafee that says: The Noha Prophet was about 2300 years old that passed 950 years of his life to guide people among his tribe and before his mission he was about 850 years old. After the huge storm he lived 500 years later.

When he was 2300 years, one day Angel of death came to him while he was under the light of sun.
The angel of death greets him. Noha Prophet asked: what are you doing here. He said:I have come to take your life By God’s permission and you should go.

Noah prophet said:

So at least let me get myself out of this sun and go under the shade of that tree then you can do your mission. he will accept that Prophet Noah goes under the shade and said to the Angle of death: all these two thousand  and three hundred years I have lived was as short as  the  amount of time it tooks to get out of the sun in the shadows. it were passing so fast.

Our lives are short compared to Noah.
Very short..50,60…70, 80 or 90 years old.

Definitely goes fast.
I have told you two features of life, one of them is gradual so we neglect its passing, and the other is the reality that life is passing very fast.
God bless Muhammad and his pure family peace be upon him and his family.

This series of lessons have been originally taught by the engineer Hejazi in Persian.
His lessons in Persian language are available on this site.

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