assalam alikom dear sisters and brothers, site users of Akharin Safir.
The subject of discussion here is the deep understanding of religion and worshipping or God’s servitude.
In this subject of discourse we want to study the basis of piety and religiousness based on Koran
and the traditions of the Holy prophet(s.a).
As a matter of fact some religious or theological questions even engaged the mind of religious people .It is because they have not learned the basics of Islam precisely and basically .

They could not communicate between the components of religion.
Here is a question: why should we understand our religion deeply?
About worshipping Allah our main purpose is showing that God’s servitude as a main purpose of creation is in accordance with wisdom and reason.
Actually logic and reason confirm obedience of Allah and invite us to this way.  another questions: what are the conditions of servitude?
how can we be a good worshipper?
We are you going to talk about the sources of worship and servitude and also we’ll talk about the most important obstacle to  servitude who is Satan.
We talk about Satan character, his tricks and policy based on the Koran and tradition. we try to know methods to fight this enemy. therefore this subject is too important and answer to many of questions. It’s the basis of deep understanding about religion.

We start these lesson by Allah’s help and his Hojjah that now he is the authentic authority in the world.


Deep understanding of religion



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