Imam Zaman’s position in our lives

Imam Zaman's position in our lives

Imam Zaman’s position in our lives

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to gather people in the mosque.
when his lecture was delivered to Muslims; he used to lean on the trunk of a palm tree in the courtyard of the mosque.
As the population grew, the companions suggested to build a pulpit for the Prophet so that everyone could easily see the Prophet.

When the pulpit was built, the Prophet (PBUH) went to the pulpit behind that palm tree. As soon as he sat on the pulpit, the sound of that tree was heard . It cried like a mother whose child is dead. with this happening the crowds were crying and wailing.

The Prophet came down from the pulpit, grabbed the tree and said calm down then returned to the pulpit.
Then returned to the people, O ye people; this dry wood, has expressed love for the messenger of God, and is distressed at our distance. If I did not  held it, it would not stop crying until the Day of Judgment .

pay attention that a dry tree cried for the Prophet, crying out loud as it saw the Prophet in the other place, but what happened to us when we did not see the Imam Zaman but enjoy our normal life? We remember everyone and everything except the Imam Zaman.

Our story is the story of a child who has lost his father but because of a lack of intellectual maturity he does not know what to do with deprivation.

Imam Hassan Asgari (PBUH) says: who has left his Imam has harder situation than an orphan who lost his father .

What is the status of Imam Zaman in our lives?
What did we really do for the Imam Zaman?

How much did we spend our lives, our property, our times, our youth and our possessions for him?

 If an angel now comes down from heaven and says I have a mission to fulfill one of  your desires; Which of us,  do we mention the reappearance  of our Imam Zaman as our first dream?

The most important task of the Shiites is  praying for Imam Zaman (AS) and for his coming.
Although he is present, we do not deserve to meet him.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

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