The story is about a person who wanted to climb the highest mountain.
He began his adventure after years of preparation and he decided to climb the mountain alone.
It was night and the man could see nothing. Everything was black.
And the cloud covered the moon and the stars. A few feet to the summit, His foot slipped, and as if he fell rapidly.
He could only see the black spots in front of his eyes.
He was falling down , and in those moments of great fear, all the good and bad events of his life were remembered.
Now he thought how close death was to him.

Suddenly the rope tighten around his waist. His body was between the sky and the earth, holding only his rope. And at this moment he had no choice but to shout: “God help me!” : ” what do you want from me”?

The man said: “God save me!”

God: “Do you really believe I can save you?” Man: “Of course I believe.”
God: “If you believe it, tear the rope that is fastened to your waist!”
A moment of silence … and then the man decided to stick to the rope with all his power!!!

The  next day, the rescue  team says they found a frozen climber dead.
His body was hanging from a rope and he held the rope tightly with his hands
but  he was only one meter from the ground !!!

Well that was now a story and made by the author’s mind.
But I want to ask you why climber did not believe in the way God was designing?
Have you ever doubted the way of God’s salvation?
May be you hear:
Now what does God need for us to pray?
What happens if we accept the science and wisdom of God ?!  if this climber was quick to believe in the way he was introduced and acted?
If at that moment he trusted in the science of God more than his own science, of course, he would be alive, but he died.
Who knows the true salvation and prosperity?
Do our actions or prayings  increase or decrease God’s position? If this climber was rescued, would there be more or less something for God? What about the climber himself?

So the benefits and disadvantages of the ways God has given us come back to us. We said that one of the main and special ways that God has given us is “attention”.
But there is a big obstacle . This is an obstacle that sometimes even makes me accept my own thinking and logic more than God. Like a climber.

This is not just an ordinary obstacle. Do you know what God is saying about this obstacle?
God says o’ men , be careful! He’s your enemy. He’s also an obvious enemy.

(إِنَّ الشَّیْطانَ کانَ لِلْإِنْسانِ عَدُوًّا مُبیناً (اسرا-۵۳
(Satan is a clear enemy to men (Asra-1))

So it’s not an ordinary enemy. Rather, it is a dangerous enemy. He does not let any one reach right path.
Now tell me what are the characteristics of a real and dangerous enemy?
This enemy is always waiting for us. Never leave us alone. Under no circumstances he will not get tired or frustrated. He is always checking my situation to find the best way to mislead me. He knows my way of salvation well, and on the other hand he knows ways of destruction and deviation. Always looking for opportunities.

So God has given us a way of salvation and a clear path. And on the other hand, there is a very dangerous enemy. Now I have an important question:
Is God who specifies the way of salvation so precisely?
Now is the time of the Imam of Time. if you seek refuge. He is the most trustworthy and powerful person in the world.
This beliefs make people stronger in their way.
Interestingly, the Devil is trying very hard to mislead humans like he did from the way he went astray. What was the sin of the devil?

Satan refused to prostrat to Adam. If he prostrated to Adam, did he worship God or Adam?
God was pleased to do so.
From the very beginning of creation, God called people to seek God’s obedience and obey Him from the time He created His first authority. And if we do what God wants us to do, we will in fact obey God only.

To love Imam Mahdi is the greatest things, if you believe he is the only way to save us from the devils or If we believe in being with him is the safest place in the world. come here and trust .
By leaving a sin or doing a good job … Remember that we have to go to our Imam regularly. Say hello to him every day and keep in touch with him regularly.
In short, he is waiting for us to come back. Just remember, we have stayed in the absence of cobra !!!

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